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I write blogs about coaching primarily for other coaches and people in organisations involved in running internal coaching programs. In the past I have written a news letter aimed at golfers who are interested in strengthening their mental game.  These are all topics that I am particularly interested in and am drawn to sharing my thinking.

Coaching Book 

2017: I am delighted to be a contributing author on this third book of coaching blogs from The Good Coach. The new book - Translating Coaching Codes of Practice : leading the way into the personal knowledge base of everyday practitioners.   Like the previous volumes, this book brings together the personal experiences and learnings gleaned from the day to day work of executive and internal coaches. 


2016:   I am very excited to share that several of my blogs have been included in a new book on coaching - Translating Coaching Codes of Practice; insights from the leading edge of everyday practice.  This collection of blogs published on the Good Coach web site, is written by practicing coaches with the aim of sharing their real experience and practices with other coaches. 

Read a review of the book by Isobel Gray.  “I found this book very impressive and richly affirming; stimulating and thought provoking, with plenty of practical tips and original insights for review. … I do not feel it’s a one-off read through book. Rather it is something that I can see myself coming back to frequently as a regular reference point because of the very rich and diverse menu of material on offer in this book.”  Isobel Gray, 2016.

How to purchase our Books:

Go to and purchase your copy/copies of all three volumes of Translating Coaching Codes of Practice. 

Recent Coaching Blogs

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May 2020            Connecting Body, Bread and Coach Supervision    Baking Bread as a Metaphor for Coaching and Supervision

September 2019  Making Your Retirement Transition Easier  Based on my experience of early retirement and career path switch.

Octtober 2018     Working From A Place Of Unknowing Versus Knowing  

November 2017   Coaching Supervision - help me understand your perspective

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March 2017         Making Sense of How We Define a Coaching Approach, Part 2: Setting Our Mind on a Coaching Approach.

February 2017     Is this my stuff, or the client's stuff? Putting frustration on the table for discussion.

January 2017      Making Sense of How we Define a Coaching Approach

August 2016        So What Does BREXIT mean for Executive Coaches

March 2016         Contracting to avoid gossiping

February 2016     Asking for feedback: My Invitation to Coaches Wanting to be Even More Useful to Their Clients.

November 2015   The Practicalities of Measuring Return on Investment of Coaching.

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Golf news letter Articles - Training your brain for better golf

To access the archive of published golf news letter articles click on the links below. 

January 2016

The Dangers of Taking an Iron for Safety

November 2015  

The power of post round reflection / Reflections on the Race to Dubai finale

September 2015 

What can we learn from Wimbledon that can be used on the golf course?

August 2015  

What game are you playing?