Coaching - Individual Groups and Teams

Individual Coaching 

One to one coaching for individuals who have a passion and commitment to change, to fulfil ambitions by releasing their potential and performing at their best more often.  The coaching programme is tailored to the needs and goals of the individual.  

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is in the context of your current or future leadership role and your business relationships and performance.  This coaching may include preparation for transitions in role or organsational structure, changes in career direction,  or preparation for retirement.   We may choose to seek and use feedback from colleagues and line manageras inputs and measures of progress where appropriate. 

Personal Coaching 

Personal Coaching is in your broader life context and may include personal transitions (returning to work, managing health and wellbeing, changing family circumstances etc.), career direction and personal challeges.  

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is for groups of individuals with a common shared theme for changing and realising individual potential. We will tap into the wisdom of the group members to enable growth and development of each individual.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching for teams who want to find effective ways of working together to achieve specific goals and objectives through becoming a high performing team.   This involves working with the leader and their team to develop effective processes, effective working relationships within and beyond the team that serve the team's purpose and objectives.   Team coaching enables the team to perform beyond the sum of its parts in service of the organisation and the individuals' development and delivery.   Not every team in an organisation has the aspirsation or need to be greater than the sum of its parts. For those who do, team coaching is a powerful enabler.